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Finding The Right Collar for Your Cat

Yes, they need one, too.

If your cat loves going outdoors, then it’s a very brilliant idea to use a collar. It lets other people know that the cat has a home, and if your cat strays or gets lost, then the contact details on the collar will have the both of you reunited in no time at all.

Deciding what cat collar to buy can be a more difficult choice than you think. Do you go with the Heart Collar (with bells), or the Bow Collar?

The most important consideration when buying a cat collar? Fitting. You ask how? I’ll explain…

If the collar is very tight around the cat’s neck, it can cut off its air and blood supply. Choking your cat is something you want to happen. On the other hand, if it’s too loose, the collar can get caught up on branches and fences while your cat is out playing. Cats have an uncanny knack for getting out of any loose collar. For kittens and still-growing cats you might want to get an adjustable collar to allow for some growth (all our collars are adjustable with a buckle), but make sure you check the fit regularly.

Most collars have 2 methods of fastening around the cat’s neck. You have the traditional buckle style which is easy to put on and take off. We provide buckle-down collars with strong buckles to prevent your cat from breaking it. There’s also the slide through adjustable kind. This is secure too but it’s also more difficult to adjust, especially if you have a cat that doesn’t like having a collar on.

Most collars come with an elastic section called the “breakaway part” (our collars are all equipped with one). This is a safety feature that allows your cat to escape the collar if it becomes stuck on a fence or bush. It prevents the cat from being strangulated. Even though a cat is smart enough to figure out how to escape its collar, this is an important safety feature that you should seriously consider when buying a collar. Along these lines, buy a collar made of material that you can easily tear away or cut during emergencies. Rubber or velvet, for instance. Also, you may want to consider a reflective strip in the cat collar. This can be helpful at night especially in busy areas with a lot of traffic.

The most common one cause of cats deaths is vehicle accident. Hence, give the driver every chance to see your cat, especially if it’s a dark-colored one. A reflective strip on the collar will do that.

Many collars (like ours) come with bells or some other noise-making device. This is designed to warn potential prey beforehand (like rats or birds) that your cat is out hunting. The logic is to prevent your cat from bringing you gifts and presents, especially very-much-alive ones!! These devices are especially important if you’re trying to keep your cat from killing prey and also, there’s a lesser chance the bell on ours gets caught up in a bush, because it’s a spherical ball.

If you have an indoor cat that you would want to explore the great outdoors, you could get a harness for it. Buying our adjustable cat harness is better than the fixed ones (plus, you can also attach a leash to it). You should first practice with this indoors until the cat becomes accustomed to it. Make sure the cat’s comfortable with the leash. Offer reward for compliance, too.

The next step – take the cat for walks; to the park, or even the beach! You can train your cat to use the leash, but it will take some time, practice and a lot of patience.

Now you see the importance of having a cat collar. Also, the important features to look out for in a cat collar have also been enumerated. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the store and get the adorable Heart Collar for your cat. Or if you prefer to stick to the traditional collar, the Bow Collar is also available.

A lovely little collar on a cute little ball of fur is as awesome as you can imagine!

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