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Trimming Your Pet Dog’s Toenails

Numerous pet owners detest trimming their pet’s nails. Why? Because the dog hates the whole procedure and causes it to be just about impossible. Nail trimming does not have to become a serious contest of wills or a struggling match. The most important part of trimming is getting your puppy accustomed to having someone play with his paws.

The best thing to do is get your puppy accustomed to getting his paws played with. As often as possible simply touch and manipulate his paws. Reward him with a snack and lots of encouragement whilst you try this. If you own a mature dog who dislikes having his toenails clipped, return to this step and get him accustomed to having you touch his feet in a pleasurable way.

As soon as your furry friend is comfortable with having you touch his toes you can have a shot at clipping.

To help make the job less difficult, have all of your gear prepared before you start. Have your clippers or scissors out and make sure you have some type of clotting solution. A styptic pencil is incredibly handy. Mishaps can certainly happen, so you will need to be prepared. If you do cut your dog don’t panic, generally, the bleeding will halt without treatment in a short time.

How short do you trim? Dog’s don’t have any sensation in their nails, cutting will not hurt. What could hurt the animal is if you cut the quick. If your puppy has light colored toenails it is easier to view the quick. This area is at the base of the toe nail and extends out into the toe nail. This part of the nail can bleed if you try to cut your pet’s nails short and will hurt the animal. If your dog has dark nails and you can not see the quick just take the very end off. You are better off trimming more regularly than cutting your pet.

There is a wide range of great clippers you can buy at nearly every pet supply store. The main thing is to make sure that they are sharpened. What a lot of puppies are usually objecting to when they start squirming during cutting is not the trimming but the pressure that you are applying to their toe nail and paw. You can significantly decrease this if your trimmers are razor-sharp. Lots of people like to utilize dog clippers which have a special guard on them. This prevents the nail from sliding too far into the clipper.

When does one trim? The majority of puppies will need to get their toenails clipped approximately every two to three weeks. This range will fluctuate depending upon what kind of surface your pet walks upon. Dog’s that spend the majority of their time in the house will have to have their toenails clipped more frequently than a puppy that does lots of walking on pavement or other hard surfaces.

If you are really not comfortable with cutting your dog’s toenails you can have it done professionally. You could even ask to watch the groomer and find out precisely how they go about trimming the nails. You can also get the aid of another person to help you hold your pet especially if you are new to trimming.

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